May 2010

I am setting forth on the adventure of blogging about documentary filmmaking in the 21st century. I am passionate about having the unsung stories of regular people being exchanged through social new media platforms throughout the world for every one to learn from each other. The time has come to have renegade production companies that are using the web 2.0 marketing tactics in combined with intelligent content for every day users that allows for information to be exchanged that will be sure to inspire, empower and enable people to take a stand on a particular issue. It is of great interest to me to explore the world of facebook, twitter, blogs, website templates like wordpress, weebly, ning, myspace and of course utube, vimeo and gmail marketing to maximize the communication of events, documentaries about issues such as social justice, human rights, environmental concerns and much more. It is my intention to use my blog regularly to communicate how I plan to research, implement, and succeed as creating a company that uses the social new media tools to not only create and fund documentaries in the 21st century but to share the information of how I do that with others in the hope that they might also be able to do so.

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